Our restaurant

Our restaurant

Sélectionné dans le Guide Michelin

It is above all quality which best describes Yan's cuisine: simplicity and excellence, a love of fresh produce, expertise and rigour... as well as the ambition of a chef! Yan works hand in hand with the suppliers of Alsace and demands the best for his guests.

Trust in him and you will be amazed... make a reservation and experience Gass quality!

Yan Gass offers a style of cooking which draws on the traditions and resources of the region: the product is king! He has revived and adapted the local dishes with which the restaurant made its name: presskopf, steamed dumplings, lobe of goose liver cooked in a marinade of Gewürztraminer "vendanges tardives", leg of wild boar cooked for 7 hours, savoy cabbage with bacon, tapas with Alsatian ingredients, Birkenwald snails.
He has also added an original touch, inspired by the cuisine of Provence and Italy: creamy risotto with mushrooms, fish grilled à la plancha et vegetable juice with olive oil.
In order to offer you the very best products the à la carte selection and the set menus are varied according to the season.
To accompany these dishes the hotel provides a superb wine-list, taking account of all our great vineyards: elegant et rich Rieslings, Gewürztraminers, magnificent Crozes Hermitage...

A remarkable table... and exceptional service! Karine Gass keeps an eye on everything and promises you a memorable welcome!

The restaurant is closed Sunday, Monday evening and at noon. Service from 7 p.m.

And to give you an idea of our cuisine, you will find below some examples of dishes and menus, which vary regularly and change with the seasons.
We would be delighted to welcome you for a delicious tasting moment and discover our suggestions of the day.

A dozen Birkenwald snails cooked in the pot
€ 16.50
Foie chaud de Canard poêlé, jus tranché
€ 22.00
Saumon Fumé par nos soins, salade du moment
€ 18.00
Terrine of game, according to Grandma's recipe
€ 16.00
Salade de Gambas à la plancha girolles et petits légumes
€ 20.00
Main courses
Filet de Canette rôti entier jus tranché légumes du moment
€ 24.00
Merlu rôti sur la peau, jus de volaille réduit au vinaigre Melfor
€ 23.00
Filet de Bœuf Sélection, girolles fraiches et jus lié au foie gras
€ 30.00
Lotte de Bretagne à la plancha, variation de légumes huile d'olive
€ 29.00
Pigeon de nid de chez Georges, rôti en dragées
€ 28.00
Dumplings caramelised à l'ancienne, vanilla ice-cream
€ 9.00
Iced kugelhopf with marc de Gewürztraminer
€ 9.00
Crème brûlée with bourbon vanilla
€ 9.00
Soufflé chaud aux Quetsches d'Alsace
€ 9.00
A selection of home-made ices and sorbets, plain or flavoured
€ 9.00
Steamed yeast dumplings
Dampfnudles, civet de Daguet cuit 7h au vin rouge
€ 18.00
Dumplings, raw and cooked ham, salad
€ 15.00

Mise en bouche


Saumon Fumé, salade du moment
Terrine de gibier comme la faisait ma grand-mère


Merlu rôti sur la peau, jus de volaille réduit au vinaigre Melfor
Civet de Daguet spätzele Maison


Dampfnudel caramélisée glace crémeuse
Fromage du Buffet

Farm poultry from Alsace and Dumplings


Up to 12 years old